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And so begins my fiftieth year of breathing oxygen.  I have decided that during my fiftieth year I want to Experience More, Enjoy More and Achieve More.  These three phrases have guided me in developing my 50fifties.  During my fiftieth year I will complete 50 activities that each are multiples of 50.  For example, during this year I will eat 50 different kinds of See’s candy (Yum).  I will ride a train for 50 miles.  I will give a $50 bill to one person.

I’ve divided the activities into several categories including: Exercise, Recreation and Fun, Food and Drink, Intellectual, Spiritual, Relational, Organize and Purge, Create, Give.  They include activities that are immediate, meaning I can do them right now with no preparation.  For example, it will take me no preparation to give away 50 articles of clothing or to high five 50 strangers in one day.  Other activities are incremental, meaning that they will either take preparation to accomplish, for example, a 50 mile bike ride, or will need to be accomplished over time, for example, do 50 pushups 50 days in a row.

I’ve included a number of activities that are just fun because in my busy life I need that extra push to get out of the grind and Enjoy and Experience more of life around me.  However, I also want to be challenged intellectually and spiritually so I have included a number of tasks that will push me including such tasks as memorize and recite 50 Bible verses in sequence.

There are a number of items that were suggested to me that didn’t make the list, including writing 50 poems.  My thinking here is that with all the other activities, including blog writing on all 50 activities, my poetry will devolve into limericks that begin something like “There once was a man from New York.  Who picked his nose with a fork…”.  The world does not need more of this.

Some will require my family to be on board.  Honestly, my wife is for it and my kids are, well, mildly amused.  When my daughter heard that I was going to go 50 hours without using electricity she jumped on board helping me think through whether I could even be in a room that had a light on (the answer is no) or eat food out of the refrigerator (also no) or if I could eat cooked food (yes but only if cooked on my grill.  I know it takes a spark to light the grill, and yes a spark is technically electricity, but really, we were making sparks 1000’s of years before we were making electricity).

I’ve also purposefully started the year with an incomplete list. I’m at 48, because I want to leave open opportunities for ideas that come to me.  I invite you to follow me on my journey.  Make suggestions.  Or even develop your own.  You can subscribe to my blog here (link needed).  Also, feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.